What it means to be an EESTECer?

The new year has started already and in EESTEC LC Skopje it’s time for our annual promotional meeting for the new members that will join our family. But what is EESTEC LC Skopje?

This time, we interviewed our members to see why they are part of our organization. So grab a snack or a drink and learn more about our EESTEC family.

What was the main reason for you to join our organization?

Boris Dzotov: “Hangouts, making new friends and personal development, an opportunity to learn and experience things that can not be found in college.”

Martin Dinev: “From the positive experience with previous events I have participated in, I wanted more similar experiences.”

Novica Paunovski: “I heard about international student organizations for students majoring electrical engineering and the next day I saw a stand for EESTEC and from then I am here.”

Andrea Lapevska: “The opportunity to meet creative, motivated and friendly people, the countless opportunities for self-improvement, as well as the opportunity to travel around the world.”

Marko Spasenovski: “The opportunity for self-improvement through the non-formal education offered by this wonderful organization”

Henrik Travnik: “The desire for self-improvement and creating new friendships and memories”

How can you describe EESTEC LC Skopje in one sentence?

Andrea Lapevska: “A safe space that allows you to grow and have fun at the same time.”

Novica Paunovski: “When there is a party, there is a party, when there is work, there is work.”

Martin Dinev: “The same door that leads to parties, learning, sports, socializing and everything that can contribute to personal completion.”

Vasilaki Gjorgjioski: “EESTEC LC Skopje is like a distant member of the family that you only meet at the age of 19 and it becomes your favorite relative.”

Frosina Cvetkovska and Adrijan Ljuben: “Right mix of chaos and love”

Ognen Todoroski: “You call it chaos, we call it family”

Marko Spasenovski: “Empowering your future”

What is your favourite memory of EESTEC?

Vasilaki Gjorgjioski: “When we played Psychiatrist until 3AM in the morning, watching movies, FINKI talks…”

Kristina Srbinoska: “I am new and I do not have many memories of EESTEC, but every meeting has it’s own story.”

Angelina Labroska:  “There are many, but I would single out some of the moments when we stayed up late at night online or live talking about everything. For example, once sitting on Google Meet we found old childhood diaries and read from them.”

Andrea Lapevska: “Watching Twilight on Discord.

Novica Paunoski: “Organizing last minute events, singing “Ноќна кралица” on parties, dancing on “Here I come, here I go” on the bus etc etc etc, there are too much.”

Filip Filipovski: “Traveling together in Ohrid, organizing events like LRM,  sightseeing with the foreigners on LRM.”

Frosina Cvetkovska: “New year 2021 Online Edition and Secret Santa 2020.”

Marko Spasenovski: “Working in our office in the shed together with the organizing committee of EESTEC Academy, parties in front of the shed.”

Martin Dinev: “The week I first met you in real life. We were on a concert, on a night climb on Vodno and on Laser Tag.”

Ljubica Ristovska: “My favourite memory is half an hour before we opened the second module of EESTEC Academy. We all put on make-up on Zoom and we were chaos.”

Iva Milosavljevic: “Pre-Covid parties with DJ Damsi during EESTECers on the Orient Express.”

What is your favourite event that EESTEC is organizing?

Angelina Labroska: “Live Regional Meeting – meeting of representatives of several local committees from our region. But in general, I would say that international events are my favorite.”

Nevena Kimova: “The New Year’s party in the student dormitory Goce Delchev”

Martin Dinev: “Personal Development Hub and Soft Skills Academy.”

Adrijan Ljuben: “EGW! Definitely! Congresses are interesting too.”

Marija Shtergjiska: “Soft Skills Academy. An event that is different from most we organize and something that is not taught in college. SSA offers students the opportunity to improve and acquire new soft skills that are relevant to personal and career development.”

Kristina Srbinoska: “EESTEC Academy, Backend with Node.js, will always be in my fondest memory because it was the first event in which I participated.”

What are the top 3 things that you have learned while organizing a local event?

Iva Milosavljevic: “First, no matter how much you want to accept all the applicants, it’s not always possible, if you want to have a quality event where each participant will have time to ask a question. Second, no matter how much we talk about the excellence of teamwork, it’s normal and it happens that all team members don’t agree on a certain decision. But we should not see it as an obstacle, listen to every opinion and choose the best decision with arguments as to why that decision is better than the other. Third, in my opinion, you will get closer to the members by organizing local events. That is why I think that each member should be involved in the organization of at least one, if not more, local events that will build him as a team player not only in EESTEC but also in life.”

Nevena Kimova: “Emails always go to BCC, expect the unexpected, the process of organizing is priceless.”

Andrea Lapevska: “Don’t be discouraged if you run into an obstacle, there is a solution to everything. Mistakes are normal, we learn through them. Always share opinions and ideas with other team members, more heads think better.”

Filip Filipovski: “Always be calm and aware, you can’t achieve everything alone, don’t wait until the last minute (5 minutes before 12) for anything in life.”

Kristina Srbinoska: “Never panic, there is always someone that will help, time management, and of course, you can achieve anything with a good vision.”

Ognen Todoroski: “Ask 10 times, finish it, ask again. Patience, to hear out every individual. Making a final decision.”

Marija Shtergjiska: “Always believe in your team, have a plan B, feedback is important (ps. Smileys are sent separately, not in the message)”

Can you describe your experience being a member of the board in EESTEC LC Skopje?

Ognen Todoroski: “It may not have been the hardest task of my time at EESTEC, but I would say the longest. An experience that I would not replace for even 20 passed courses. It build me what I am today, make me more aware of things and responsibilities. It taught me consistency, how to deal with different situations, how patience is the most important and the most important weapon for every problem. A board with different characters, who decide on one idea, one goal. Running a board is something indescribable. You grow, you mature together with 4 other people like you, enthusiasts, ready for any obstacles. Boarding can be hell for you, but it can also be a song. It all depends on how much you invest and how you set yourself up for certain things.”

Boris Dzotov: “Boarding was my biggest challenge so far for anything I did. It taught me a lot of new things, skills, how to manage time better, but it also helped me get to know myself better. Boarding is definitely one of the hardest but also the most fun and fulfilling things I have ever faced. I will always remember it as my favorite period and experience in college, when I was built into the person I am today, I made friends that I am sure will be long lasting.”

Marija Shtergjiska: “Being part of a board is a valuable and different experience, which can not be gained anywhere else. Learn how to be a team player, how to communicate with others, how to deal with unexpected problems, what it is like to be a leader and lead a team. But, as the most important things, I would single out responsibility, discipline and time management. In the last year that I have been part of the board, I have met many people, acquired new skills that I am sure will help me further and I have improved myself as a person. When I look back on all the moments I spent as a boardie, I am really glad that I decided to run.”

Marko Spasenovski: “When you tell your friends or even your parents that you are part of the board of a student organization 99% of the time they will not take you seriously and think that you are just wasting your time. That is simply not the case. The term lasts one year and this one year is the longest year of my life. It really puts you in perspective how much work and effort it takes to maintain and improve an organization. This year has turned out to be one of the most important years in my life. I am very happy and satisfied that I made the decision to run for FR and I am eternally grateful that the membership chose me. I gained a lot of experience: from teamwork, to business communication. From organizing loose hangouts with members, to organizing events sponsored by companies in which over 100 students participated, from sending business emails, to drafting legal documents and contracts.”

How would you describe your experience as an IT coordinator at EESTEC LC Skopje?

Frosina Cvetkovska: “Maybe this position is one that people don’t think about the most because it’s not a position on the board, but it still carries its own difficulty and decisions. There isn’t too much work, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not useful for the committee itself. It is of help to the PR coordinator and a position that I would like to be even more active in the future. For me, it represents my first experience in a more serious position, but not as serious as the board. It takes effort to activate the team, to set up a website and still work in a team. The board is your right hand with which you need maximum communication and patience. I hope that next year, together with my replacement, we will make even more changes and an even better website for all of you. For all those who may be thinking about a position but don’t want a lot of responsibilities, then IT is the position for you.”

How is it like being a member of the International EESTEC Family?

Frosina Cvetkovska: “The international teams require their own commitment and time. This year I’m a member of the Design team and I would honestly say that it’s one of the better decisions I have made. I met a lot of new people, I learned a lot of tools and things related to design such as:Adobe XD and UI / UX, designing logos and posts using Adobe Illustrator, but above all I learned what it’s like to work in a larger team. All of this has helped me not only in my local committee, but also in making personal projects. For any future or current member I highly recommend you to be part of the international teams offered by EESTEC.”

Angelina Labroska: “Interesting! For the third year in a row I’m a member of the international teams and I would say that in principle the time that this work takes is negligible compared to the acquaintances and experiences that are gained. Especially if you find yourself in a coordinator position, you will have the opportunity to get closer to people from abroad as if you have known them your entire life. I’ll be going to an EESTEC event abroad soon and I realized that I already know many of the participants, precisely because of being active on an international level.”

Adrian Ljuben: “Interesting and fulfilling. Many students, who are unfortunately not members, don’t know what it’s like to have friends from all over Europe, with whom they can’t only communicate but also actively socialize, or participate in a bunch of events and improve themselves.”

Ognen Todoroski: “I don’t consider myself as a member of an international team, even though I was presented as such. Part of the Regionalization team, which as a team strived for the good of the committees located in that region. Monthly meetings, discussions about the problems we face, begging to host an event (LRM to be exact), socializing and lots of games after meetings.”

What are the top 3 things that you have learned while organizing an International event?

Angelina Labroska: “For me, these are actually the same things I learned from organizing a local event: panic is your enemy, communicate with the team whenever something happens to keep them up to date, and seek help. Additionally, I would say during the event to automate and streamline your obligations as much as you can, otherwise you’ll be too sleepy and you won’t have enough energy to think.”

Anastasija Micevska: “You should always have at least 2 people in charge of the same thing (someone can forget, and it’s more interesting to work with company), when you work as a team you can find a solution to every problem, no matter how much you plan, unplanned things happen (but nothing is a problem for creative EESTEC members)”

Ognen Todoroski: “Things can get out of control at any moment. You don’t have a plan A and B, you have a plan C, D, E, F, G, H.

Observance of the criteria required by the international board for an international event.

Dealing with foreigners is one of the most important things.

ENGLISH; forget Macedonian and Serbian.

Every period given for organizing such an event is short, no matter how much time you’re given.”

Can you describe your experience being part of an International EESTEC event?

Novica Paunovski: “You meet an incredible number of people from all over Europe. You have contact with many of them for the future and wherever they are you know someone you can contact in the future.”

Anastasija Micevska: “One of the most carefree moments in my life, you travel to another country, and the organizers of the event are in charge of everything else. Walking, socializing, studying, parties, meals are all organized for you, it’s yours to just enjoy, with the best possible company, EESTEC members from all over Europe.”

Angelina Labroska: “I’ll probably be the only one here to talk about an online international event. During 2020/2021, some of the major international events (which we call operational events) took place online and I participated in one. I didn’t expect that it was possible within 5 days of sitting in front of a computer to get so close to the other members and organizers, to learn so much and to be so motivated for future work, but it still happened. Those 5 days I was exhausted and I think my eyes fell off, but it was worth it. Now I can’t wait to meet some of the EESTEC members I met across Europe again!”

Nevena Kimova: “International events are a new aspect of EESTEC, you’re introduced to a new world of value and benefits offered by EESTEC. I didn’t believe that international acquaintances could be nurtured and survive even after the event, but now I’m definitely convinced of the opposite. I warmly recommend applying to such events to experience a different, but still similar experience, because wherever you go EESTEC members will warmly welcome and accept you.”

What was the most valuable lesson that you have learned while being an EESTECer?

Adrijan Ljuben: “Give yourself more time for preparation and responsibilities, it is better to have excess and to rest.”

Filip Filipovski: “The student years are the most beautiful and can not be replaced by anything.”

Andrea Lapevska: “Do not be afraid to ask for help and it will always pay off to leave the comfort zone.”

Ljubica Ristovska: “If you are good in time management 50% of the work is done.”

Kristina Srbinoska: “Definitely the biggest lesson is that if we have the desire, we can succeed. Above all, support and friendship is very important, I must say that EESTEC Academy was the most important test to prove myself initially.”

Nevena Kimova: “There is no big or small thing, all things are equally important in EESTEC. During the event we are the firefighters waiting at any moment for an unexpected fire to break out so we can put it out”

For the end, I wanna say thank you to all of our members for answering our questions. Without you our organization would not be like this. I hope we will have so many memories this year and many successful events. As for the people that want to join EESTEC, do not be afraid and shy. Each of our members is a different person, with different personality and you will find your own place in our organization.

Join us on our promotional meeting on 2nd of March 20:00 CET, on Zoom.

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