“Unicorns in Wonderland” IMW

Our member Angelina Labroska was part of the International Motivational Weekend “Unicorns in Wonderland” which was held by EESTEC LC Eskisehir from 25-28 February. But, don’t leave just yet. Angelina tried to summarize all the fun activities she did with our EESTEC unicorns. 

The Unicorns in Wonderland IMW was the first live international event I’ve attended as a participant, and I must say it was an awesome experience. I’m usually the type of person to apply to an educational event, but this time I decided to take the opportunity to go on a fun and exciting adventure which was simply full of exploration, parties, friendship and, in this case, unicorn spirit. Three days may sound like a short time for an event, but trust me, even that little time can be filled with a huge amount of great memories.
I had the chance to visit the city of Eskişehir for the first time and I’m glad I took it, because this city left a great impression on me, just like the Turkish cuisine and culture. The theme of the event were unicorns because the IMW happened before an event called Design Sprint, and our EESTEC designers have the unicorn as their spirit animal. Therefore, the organizers made it even more interesting for us by adding some magic to the event and challenging us to find 5 legendary keys, all hiding magical prizes.
But besides all the parties, sightseeing and museums, for me the best thing about this event were the people. I’ve been a member of a few international teams in EESTEC, and it was wonderful to finally meet some of my teammates and international friends in person. I also managed to meet and bond with many EESTECers I saw for the first time, both participants and organisers (by the way a huge thanks to the amazing organising committee for their great work!).
To wrap up, I can say that I’m thankful for this opportunity and wouldn’t hesitate to apply for a future event. I suggest you do it too!
Angelina Labroska
Member of Supervisory Board at EESTEC LC Skopje

We hope that this blog will be a reason plus for our members to join on more international events like this. The year is long and we are looking forward for more events from EESTEC LC Eskisehir and EESTEC in general!