Personal Development Hub 4

Personal Development Hub is an online event that started as an idea when the pandemic occurred. The main idea for this event is series of training session aimed for developing ourselves, the teams in EESTEC or just simply learn something new. Our members were part of those 7 days, learning new things and improving their soft skills. Also for the first time on Personal Development Hub our trainer candidate Elena Mitrevska held a training session called “Lead with compassion, make an impact!” together with Alexander Mutz.

I’m very grateful for opportunities such as PDH! It’s an amazing initiative that empowers personal development of young people and encourages them to further explore ways of improvement. I have been part of this story since the very beginning - participating and learning throughout the training sessions, and I’m delighted to share that this year, for the first time, I took part as a trainer! Together with my co-trainer and 9 amazing participants, we managed to tackle the topic of leadership. We discussed how compassion contributes to our leadership style and how it impacts the performance of the team that we are leading.
The environment was friendly and nurturing, which enabled the participants to share their experiences and ideas. We believe it was very helpful, since some of them are already leaders in their branches, as well as inspiring for the ones that are yet to take this road! I have to say that it was an incredible experience that broadened my perspective and it felt very rewarding to contribute to the growth of other young people. It’s an amazing feeling being surrounded with such enthusiastic and inspiring people and I highly recommend you to take the chance and apply for the next edition!
Elena Mitrevska
Trainer Candidate in EESTEC
Personal Development Hub 4 training sessions were with great schedule and choice of topics and terms. I was part of 7 sessions, which despite the similar content they still gave me a wonderful experience. I could notice the positive effect in such a short period of time, and using what I learned during the exam session. The scope of PDH as a whole emphasized the importance of consistency in the process of Personal Development. In maintaining that continuity, we help each other with EESTECers from several countries that we have met thanks to PDH. We received a handout from all the sessions which indicates the excellent organization of the sessions which despite the online atmosphere were still wonderfully performed.
Martin Dinev
Member of EESTEC LC Skopje
Non formal education always has been an important part of my life. Since high school I was introduced with different forms of non-formal education such as sessions, trainings and academies that were organized by various NGOs Even before being a member in EESTEC what caught my attention was the Soft Skills Academy where I received session for learning habits. Thanks to EESTEC i had the chance to continue the personal development in many fields and to upgrade my soft skills as well. Since I have joined EESTEC the soft skills trainings and sessions become part of my routine. Every couple of months we have sessions that are delivered from the trainers either on local or on international level. Part of these sessions is also PDH (Personal Development Hub) After SSA, PDH were the first sessions where i participated as official members of EESTEC LC Skopje. As a new member who wasn't that much familiar with the organization on the local level, getting mixed into international level was totally different experience for me. I got the chance to meet EESTEC-ers from different places in Europe and actually get connected with them, where now speaking from this point of view, some of those people became quite good friends of mine.
On the other hand, this year was my second time as a participant on PDH, but this time the feeling was totally different. I met new EESTEC-ers, but what made me proud was the way that some EESTEC-ers have developed in a time span of a year. Those people that i have met a year ago and mentioned them before, this year are trainer candidates and it is really nice to see their development through this period of 12 months. All in all, the sessions are definitely insightful and as a participant you can learn a lot about them when it comes to feeling, time or stress management. But soft skills aside PDH is a great chance to meet people, get to know them better, connect with them on a different level and what is the most important to create a solid relationship with them. Getting to see how people in EESTEC are working on themselves and how they are constantly developing, again showed me the influence that EESTEC has on us and the way it helps its members to improve themselves in every possible level. Without any doubt PDH is one of the most useful activities/events that are held in EESTEC and i am really glad that it is being organized each year.
Nevena Kimova
HR Coordinator at EESTEC LC Skopje

We encourage our members to take part in training sessions organized in our LC or from our international Training Team. For more events like this follow our social media or be a member of EESTEC LC Skopje.