8th Design Sprint

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It’s time for another fun event organized by EESTEC LC Eskisehir and that is the 8th Design Sprint which was held from 28th February till 5th of March. Our member Andrea Lapevska was part of 5 days journey to meet our EESTEC unicorns and also to learn more about Adobe design tools. Our international Design […]

“Unicorns in Wonderland” IMW

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Our member Angelina Labroska was part of the International Motivational Weekend “Unicorns in Wonderland” which was held by EESTEC LC Eskisehir from 25-28 February. But, don’t leave just yet. Angelina tried to summarize all the fun activities she did with our EESTEC unicorns.  The Unicorns in Wonderland IMW was the first live international event I’ve […]

Personal Development Hub 4

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Personal Development Hub is an online event that started as an idea when the pandemic occurred. The main idea for this event is series of training session aimed for developing ourselves, the teams in EESTEC or just simply learn something new. Our members were part of those 7 days, learning new things and improving their […]

What it means to be an EESTECer?

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The new year has started already and in EESTEC LC Skopje it’s time for our annual promotional meeting for the new members that will join our family. But what is EESTEC LC Skopje? This time, we interviewed our members to see why they are part of our organization. So grab a snack or a drink […]

Experiences from 4th T.O.O.L: “Boostcamp”

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As the 2021 came to an end, EESTEC as always worked hard to organize another event for it’s members from all around Europe. EESTEC Training Team together with Regionalization Project and EESTEC LC Munich organized the 4th T.O.O.L:  “Boostcamp” in which our HR coordinator Nevena Kimova took part. Boostcamp is an operational event that provides […]

Experiences from “No Corona, No Cry IMW”

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Our member Agon Osmani was a participant in the international motivational weekend(IMW) “No Corona No Cry”, which was organized by LC Munich from 29th-31st of October. The IMW was held in the beautiful Austrian Alps, where the participants had gorgeous views and hikes in the morning and then the most known EESTEC parties and games […]


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In telecommunications and computer networks, multiplexing is a process where multiple analog signals or digital data are combined into a single signal through a common medium. The multiplexed signal is transmitted through a communication channel, which can be a media for physical transmission. Multiplexing is divided into low-level communication channel capacity into several higher-level logic […]

Back to Basics: Introduction to C

Back to Basics: Introduction to C

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The start of the new academic year is here, and with it some new challenges for all of us, especially freshmen. We would like to welcome all our new colleagues to the tech campus and wish them luck in this new chapter of their lives. College life is all about expanding your knowledge, broadening your […]

EESTEC Talks 3

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EESTEC Talks is an local event, intended for the members of EESTEC LC Skopje. An event where members as participants have the freedom to speak on any topic they wish. The purpose of this event is to improve the skills of public speaking and overcoming the fear of performing on stage. The idea for such […]