The first module of EESTEC Academy for this academic year took place between the 16th and 18th of December 2022. The topic of the lessons was .NET, one of the most used technologies in the IT industry. 

The biggest supporter and sponsor of this event was the company HASELT. HASELT is a software development, engineering and consulting company, whose name stands for Hyper Advanced Solutions Engineering with Leading Technologies.

HASELT focuses on providing best-of-class services and creating products that exceed clients’ expectations. Their will for innovation, research and using cutting-edge technologies is their trademark, and their team of professionals is driven by the idea of improving the world of technology, as well as helping other businesses grow and achieve success. 

The core values of the company include transparency and honesty, trust and care, curiosity and inspiration, respect, excellence, knowledge and commitment. It was an honor collaborating with such a company who cares for making the digital world a better place, and also finds value in enriching the knowledge of young engineers. 

We greatly appreciate HASELT’s support and hope for many more collaborations in the future! Thank you! 
Learn more about HASELT at