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Experiences from the workshop “3D Shades of Chocolate”

Our members Bjanka Kalajdziska and Mihaylo Markov Korunoski were part of 7 days workshop “3D Shades of Chocolate” organized by EESTEC LC Ljubljana. They had a unique opportunity to learn more about 3D printing by making a personalised 3D printed model of chocolate with their local committee logo and also visiting fun places and meeting new people.

I started my EESTEC journey fairly recently so when I got accepted to the workshop I was surprised and extremely excited. I had already made a lot of plans for the period but I decided to cancel all because I believed that a truly magical experience awaits me in Slovenia. And I wasn't a bit wrong. Since day one all the participants became so close, like a big family. I've never been more proud to be part of a group because everyone was so kind, loving and always ready to help. Ljubljana has been on my bucket list for some time now and experiencing it along with the group, doing challenges around the city, sharing memories filled with laughter, made every moment unforgettable.

At first I was a little nervous about the academic part because I didn't have any experience with 3d printing. However, the educators and organizers were exceptionally helpful and I'm very satisfied with my progress in the field and of course with my final chocolate model. Every type of person could find an activity to entirely fulfill the heart, from partying and board games, to nature and hikes. So if you want to get out of your comfort zone and have the best time ever, don't miss the chance to apply to the next EESTEC event!

Bjanka Kalajdziska

My experience was awesome. I was saying that every day is the best, but in reality every day was becoming better than the previous. I met many wonderful people that I will remember all my life. We visited beautiful places and we were also doing all kinds of challenges. Me and Bjanka were part of the group that had courage to do those challenges. I learned new great skills and gained new experiences that can be useful in the future. This workshop was a chance for me to meet EESTEC outside of LC Skopje and to understand that we are not different that the other LCs around Europe.  

Mihaylo Markov Korunoski

We are glad that our members can experience these types of workshops and exchanges with the members of EESTEC from all around Europe and we like to encourage not only our members but also everyone to join EESTEC and all the events we have to offer.