Experiences from “No Corona, No Cry IMW”

Our member Agon Osmani was a participant in the international motivational weekend(IMW) “No Corona No Cry”, which was organized by LC Munich from 29th-31st of October. The IMW was held in the beautiful Austrian Alps, where the participants had gorgeous views and hikes in the morning and then the most known EESTEC parties and games in the evening. The pictures that Agon sent us, are more than enough to see the EESTEC spirit that our organization has all around Europe. These kind of events are a great opportunity to meet new people all around Europe and to learn more about different cultures. We hope that our members will take part in the international events that EESTEC is offering.

I love Germany, I love traveling and when opportunity came, I seized it. LC Munich was organizing an event which took place in the Austrian Alps. I made the decision to spend time with international EESTECers and it was a very good decision. I got to experience the beautiful Alps, delicious international food from the international night, play fun games at the villa, party, meet very fun people. We hiked, we explored the city, we ate the best food and we partied. I’m very happy that I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new, now I have new experiences and new points of view in life. Journeys like these is what I recommend everyone to try. Do what excites you.

Agon Osmani