Experiences from 4th T.O.O.L: “Boostcamp”

As the 2021 came to an end, EESTEC as always worked hard to organize another event for it’s members from all around Europe. EESTEC Training Team together with Regionalization Project and EESTEC LC Munich organized the 4th T.O.O.L:  “Boostcamp” in which our HR coordinator Nevena Kimova took part. Boostcamp is an operational event that provides organizational management skills which helps members lead their branch.

On the event the participants learn how to lead their local boards and branches, establishing strategies to reach their goals by participating in various simulations. Those simulations and techniques help the participants to manage with the resources of the branch and how to be a better leader.

Some topics that were included in the training were:

  •  EESTEC Awareness and Commitment Assessment
  • Public Relations and Fundraising
  • Knowledge Transfer and Handover
  • Motivation, Recruitment, Human Resources
  • Event and Project Management
The main goal of this event is to boost the local work in the branches and to encourage the members to take part in their local branch.
Being an EESTECer....

Each of us can describe this adjective in a thousands of different unique ways, but yet so similar. I believe that no matter how different they will be, we will all include words as excitement, jokes, memories, adventure, fun, joy and most important friends...

Well, for me all these words are just synonyms for my first EESTEC operational event - "Boostcamp". The event is over, but I still cant find words that will be enough to describe my whole experience. Simply from the beginning until the very end this event was amazing. I got the chance to meet lots of new people and also to catch up with my international friends.
I couldn't imagined a better way to experience my first EESTEC international event than Boostcamp. The whole event was a nice blend of professional and personal development. The trainers did an important part in our soft skills development, but through all those sessions we didn't realize that actually they helped us in bonding with each other, creating a life long friendships and spreading the EESTEC spirit.

Now, when the event is over all I can say is that I am proud to call myself an EESTECer and to be part of this huge family. The memories that I have brought home are just another way to encapsulate all the EESTEC experience and I am impatiently looking forward for the next events.

Definitely from the bottom of my heart I warmly recommend you to apply for EESTEC events and to catch every opportunity that you have when it comes to international events. For sure, those opportunities are full with EESTEC values and just like I have mentioned at the beginning, memories, people and fun are the key values that are making the experience unforgettable.
Nevena Kimova
HR Coordinator at EESTEC LC Skopje

These photos are only proof that even though every member is special in it’s own way that the EESTEC spirit is same everywhere. EESTEC LC Skopje is really thankful that our members can be part of these kind of events. Knowledge, memories and people are what make these kind of events even more special and unforgettable. We would like to encourage everyone that wants to take part in our activities, to join the EESTEC family and to see all the benefits we offer.