EESTEC Talks 3

EESTEC Talks is an local event, intended for the members of EESTEC LC Skopje. An event where members as participants have the freedom to speak on any topic they wish. The purpose of this event is to improve the skills of public speaking and overcoming the fear of performing on stage.

The idea for such an event was received from the world famous “TED Talks”, but also to improve the skills among the members. This is an event where participants improve themselves and the audience learns about many topics. This year, the 3rd edition of EESTEC Talks took place, where 8 participants presented their own topics.

In the future, this event is planned to grow into a more current event, where we can organize it on local level, so that not only members of the organization can be participants, but also all those who want to take part. We hope it will be in the near future.