Regional Meeting: EESTECers on the Orient Express

From the 23rd to the 28th of February 2020, EESTEC LC Skopje had the honor to host the Live Regional Meeting event, which this time was held under the name Regional Meeting: EESTECers on the Orient Express. Live Regional Meeting is an event of the Regionalization project that started in the EESTEC network in 2016 and aims to better bring together committees from the same region and to exchange knowledge and experience more easily.

This edition was attended by 12 participants from 6 cities in the region: Skopje, Nis, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Bucharest, and Craiova. Apart from the opportunity for great socializing, connecting, and sharing experiences, the participants attended trainings and lectures on topics such as Digital Marketing, Fundraising, Team Building, and Time Management, as well as workshops on various topics useful for the advancement of our organization.